modern training
for dogs & their people

Private in-home training for puppies and adult dogs in the Boston area.


How we teach dogs matters as much as what we teach them.

professional, certified, modern dog training services to help you effectively and humanely teach your dog the life skills they need.


“Envision a world where teaching dogs is informed by science, rooted in compassion, and centered on choice.”


Whether you have a new puppy, an exuberant adolescent, or an adult dog who is facing behavior challenges, science-based positive reinforcement dog training techniques will help you achieve lasting behavior change while building a strong bond between you and your dog.


LEARN how to effectively and humanely teach your dog life-long skills to live successfully in our world.


EMPOWER them to cooperate and be willing participants in their handling, grooming, and veterinary care.


UNDERSTAND how to meet their needs by enriching their environment and giving them opportunities to engage in natural behaviors.


Jenny is an amazing dog trainer. We enlisted her help in socializing and training our rescue pup as well as our older dog. She listens and gives practical advice that works! I will continue to hire her, knowing that her insights and help will enrich my dog’s life as well as my own.
— Peter G.


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