Dog training services

Our learners should respond to requests because they have the skills and the motivation to do so, and not because they’re forced to behave in order to escape punishment.
— Dr. Susan Friedman

Training Philosophy and Services

Do you want your dog to listen and always come when called?

Would you like them to politely greet your guests and settle calmly while you enjoy a nice dinner at home?

Do you want to teach your puppy the life skills they need to be a happy and well-adjusted adult?

Do you want to make your leash walks more enjoyable?

Would you like to enjoy hiking and exploring the world with your dog?

I can help you live the life with your dog you’ve always wanted!

Whether you have a new puppy, an exuberant adolescent, or an adult dog who is facing behavior challenges, science-based positive reinforcement dog training techniques will help you achieve lasting behavior change while building a strong bond between you and your dog.

I utilize clicker training technology that makes learning fast, effective, and fun! Animals trained using the clicker learn faster, acquire behaviors more reliably, develop confidence, and become enthusiastic learners. Clicker training creates a safe learning environment and empowers your dog to think and make good choices. It goes beyond “obedience” to build life-long skills and creates happy and confident dogs. 

Learn more about clicker training and why I use science-based positive reinforcement training approach to working with dogs.

I highly recommend Jenny as a competent and knowledgeable dog trainer. One of the main reasons I initially sought Jenny’s services was because of her emphasis on force free training, and I was very pleased that her methods resulted in me becoming more skillful in managing my dog’s anxiety. At the same time, with Jenny’s emphasis on enrichment, my dog also became noticeably more content in her new environment. Jenny was very responsive to my questions and continued to provide valuable feedback after our sessions ended. All in all, working with Jenny was a great experience.
— Kim H.

Training Services


private coaching

Private in-home coaching lessons tailored for you and your dog.

day training

I’ll help build a strong foundation by training your dog while you work!


puppy training

Training, socialization, and enrichment for puppies under 6 months of age.


Remote consultations

Remote online coaching and consultations for puppies and adult dogs.


Unsure of what training program is right for you and your dog?

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