Jenny Efimova

Education and Professional Certifications

Fear Free Certified Training Professional, 2018

Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP), 2017

Master of Public Administration, Northeastern University, 2009

Bachelor of Psychology, Northeastern University, 2003

Professional Experience

Founder and Owner, Dogminded LLC, 2018-present

Trainer, The Happy Dog, 2017-present

Volunteer Coordinator, Training Volunteer, PittieLove Rescue Inc., 2015-present

Assistant Trainer, Reactive Dog Class, Blue Skies Ahead Dog Training, EveryDog Training Center, Danvers MA, 2016-2019

Assistant Trainer, Animal Rescue League of Boston, Boston MA, 2016-2018

Continuing Education


Animal Behavior Consulting Principles & Practice Course, International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), 2019

Control is an Illusion: Rethinking How We Teach for “Impulse Control”, Sarah Owings, Tromplo, 2019

Overgreeters Anonymous, Fenzi Sports Dog Academy, 2018

Fear Free Animal Trainer Course, Fear Free Pets, 2018

Dog Trainer Foundations Course, Karen Pryor Academy, 2016

Living and Learning with Animals Course, Dr. Susan Friedman, Behavior Works, 2016


ClickerExpo Washington D.C, Karen Pryor Academy, 2019

Animal Behavior Conference, International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), 2018

Staying Safe in Aggression Cases with Michael Shikashio, 2017

AniMatch Canine Body Language and Behavior Observation Training, 2015


Duration Without Frustration, Hannah Branigan, Karen Pryor Academy, 2019

Dog to Human Aggression Part 1 and 2, Michael Shikashio, Fenzi Sports Dog Academy, 2019

Click to Calm: Dog-To-Dog Reactivity: The Process of Shaping Emotional Self Control - Emma Parsons, 2019

Consent Matters, Sarah Stremming, Fenzi Sports Dog Academy, 2018

Fear and Anxiety, Lisa Mullinax, 2017

Canine Stress, Lisa Mullinax, 2017

Resource Guarding: Possession Aggression, Lisa Mullinax, 2017

Stranger Danger: Stranger-Directed Fear & Aggression, Lisa Mullinax, 2017

Sibling Rivalry: Interdog Aggression, Lisa Mullinax, 2017

Body Language Interpretation Practice, Jean Donaldson, 2017

Recallers, Susan Garrett, 2016

Multi-Dog Households: From First Date to After the Honeymoon, Patricia McConnell, 2016

Managing Multiple Dogs, Kathy Sdao, 2016

Building Resilience in Dogs, Patricia McConnelle, 2016

Creating Counter Conditioning & Desensitization Protocols: Effective Methods and Skills for Successful Behavior Training, Angelica Steinker, 2016